Masa de taiere semi automata geam monolitic

  • Masa de taiere semi automata geam monolitic
  • Dimensiune minima geam 20 X 20 mm
  • Dimensiune maxima geam 2500 X 2000mm
  • Toleranta la taiere ±0.20mm
  • Grosime 2-15mm
  • Viteza de deplasare pe axele –X si Y 0-25m/min
  • Greutate 1500
  • Dimensiune exterioara 3180*2385*1140mm
  • Putere instalata 2.2kw
    Plc: SIEMENS
  • Manual/automatic : yes, both—sistem mixt
  • Precizie mare – Double sides of cutters, high efficiency and high precision
  • Lubrificatie automata – Self-lubricating cutting holder
  • Distantele de taiere-reglate manual
  • Deplasare a capului de taiere—motor – Auto-run available on the control panel
  • Ambele brate de taiere se intorc la origine după tăiere – Both of the cutting arms return to origin after cutting work
  • Perne de aer – Air float table
  • Control convertor de frecventa – Controlled by frequency converter